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Judy Z. Koenigsberg, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Licensed in Illinois




My Heart Diary (2012)

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Anxiety Disorders:  Integrated Psychotherapy Approaches (Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2021 )

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Depressive Disorders:  Integrated and Unified Psychotherapy Approaches (Routledge/Taylor & Francis , 2023)

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Navigating Ruptures, Repairs, and Termination Within the Therapeutic Process (Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2024 )

Selected Articles

Koenigsberg, J., & Susman, M. (1985).  Roommate psychodrama:  Rehearsal for life.  Journal of College and University Student Housing, 15(1), 7-13. 


"Explored the communication patterns between roommates in a residence hall, and examined the effects of a role playing module in promoting open communication."

Koenigsberg, J., Garet, M., & Rosenbaum, J. (1994).  The effect of family upon the job exits of young adults:  A competing risk model. Work and Occupations: An International Sociological Journal, 21(1), 33-63.


“This study employs event history analysis to examine family status factors and occupational attainment as dynamic processes. A competing risk model is used to estimate the effects of marriage and child status as well as socioeconomic status, age, and a set of control variables on two types of job exits: exits to school and exits for reasons other than school.”

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